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Freedom Square, in front of the Old Town Hall


Freedom Square
Old Town
Bridge of Peace
Puppet Theatre
Kartlis Deda (Mother Georgia)
Sulphur baths
Waterfall Leghvtakhevi
Sioni Cathedral
Old City Wall
Narikala Fortress
and a lot more..

Fascinating, Fun and Free! Our mission is to provide all of our guests with the best and most entertaining tour of Tbilisi regardless of their finances.

About the TOUR

We'll help you find your bearings in this confusing emotional city and allow you to make the most of your stay here.
Experience the best Tbilisi has to offer.

Our guides will walk you through the history of Tbilisi, from its start as a sulphur well where pheasants tend to fall to becoming the most important trading city in Caucasus. We aim to give you a perfect introduction to Tbilisi. A tour with fairy tales of kings and queens, devastating battles, courageous Georgian warriors, intrigues and power struggles. You will see the famous city landmarks and hear about why the Georgians are the happiest people in the world. Our expert guides want everyone to experience Tbilisi, regardless of their budget. That’s why they work on a tips-only basis. If by the end of the tour, you feel the tour was worth paying for, you can tip your guide. Our superior guides will help you get the most out of your time in this fantastic city: better guides make for better tours. And we’ve got some of the best waiting to show you the city!

  • Tours Run Everyday 100%

    Meet us at 12 pm every day at the Freedom Square. Shiny or rainy, our tours run as scheduled!


    We believe that history is the best story, and that dull retelling of history is simply unprofessional guiding.

  • unique route

    We take you where others don’t and tell you the stories you’d never hear otherwise.


    If by the end of the tour, you feel the tour was worth paying for, you can tip your guide. No obligations.


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Tour guide
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Tour guide
We are an independent non-profitable organisation of young people based in wonderful Tbilisi, who have a passion for this beautiful city, and for sharing it with all the travellers. Our goal is to provide our guests with the best and most entertaining tour of Tbilisi. The concept is simple: We give you a great tour, and you decide how much it was worth to you. With most conventional tours, the guide gets paid no matter how good or poor their performance was. Not with us. The Tbilisi Free Walking Tour guides work on a tips-only basis, meaning you can be certain that they will deliver an excellent tour every single day of the year!

work with us

We support our local community giving a voice to self-employed guides. We work together with guides who have a passion for telling stories and can bring the history of a city to life with their personality and presentation skills. Guides should be able to speak English or Russian at a native level. It’s important that people from all over the world can understand you. If you feel your style of guiding is compatible with what our customers expect we’d love to hear from you! We are also always happy to work with local businesses, initiatives, hostels and eateries in Tbilisi. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in a beneficial cooperation. tbilisifreewalkingtour@gmail.com