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April 27, 2020

The Bridge of Peace

Tbilisi Free Walking Tour at bridge of peace
The Bridge of Peace Tbilisi Free Walking Tour

The Bridge of Peace is considered to be one of the main modern architectural attractions of Tbilisi. This is a futuristic pedestrian bridge over the Mtkvari River (Kourou). It’s located between the Metekhi Bridge and the Baratashvili Bridge near the cable car, and connects Irakli II Street in Old Tbilisi and Rike Park in Avlabar.
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The Bridge of Peace is very unusual. If you have a look at it from far distance, it’s a transparent structure made of glass and steel, which resembles a huge fishing net that is spread across the river. This 156-meter-high arch-shaped bridge, made of glass and steel, was designed by the Italian architect Michele De Lucchi and then was brought to Georgia from Italy in a disassembled form of 200 components.
The idea of ​​building this bridge belongs to the Georgian President M. Saakashvili. The bridge symbolizes Georgia’s in all its desire to find the path from the past to a better future. It was opened on May 6, 2010, and nowadays we’re pleased to invite our guests here so that they can enjoy the bridge while seeing it with their own eyes.

The Bridge Of Peace in Tbilisi is shining at night

The Bridge Of Peace Tbilisi at night Free Walking Tour
The Bridge Of Peace Tbilisi at night Free Walking Tour

At night, the bridge is illuminated by more than 30,000 LED lamps that turn on daily mode half an hour before sunset. The designer of illumination was Frenchman Philippe Martino. Flashing lights transmit an encoded message in Morse code: the names of the chemical elements from the periodic table of which the human body consists. By the idea of Italian architect, this message shows “anthem of life and peace between people and nations.” As it can be seen, the name is perfectly reflected in the idea.
From the Bridge of Peace can be seen bewitching views of the city, the channel of the Kura River, the residence of the Georgian president, Metekhi temple, Narikala fortress and the Holy Trinity Cathedral. Visit the Bridge of Peace you can with our Free Walking Tours Tbilisi Grand Tour.