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May 6, 2020

Sulfur Baths

The Sulphur Baths  Walking Tour Tbilisi
The Sulphur Baths Walking Tour Tbilisi

The sulfur baths in Abanotubani are one of the most popular tourist attraction in Tbilisi. Abanotubani is a historical district in the center of the city. It is well known because of the sulfur thermal baths built in XVII – XIX centuries.


The legend tells that the baths are connected with the foundation of Tbilisi. According to the myth, in the second half of 5th century the king of Georgia found the thermal springs. He was impressed with the sulphur hot springs and ordered to build the baths and a city around them. The city was named Tbilisi that means “warm”.

During several centuries the baths were built and formed the cluster of bathhouses. Some of the baths were ruined, some were reconstructed. The most ancient bathhouse nowadays is dated to XVI century.


The Sulphur Baths  Walking Tour Tbilisi
The Sulfur Baths Walking Tour Tbilisi

The water in the baths comes from mineral sulphur springs which are hot, from 37 to 50 degrees. All the baths are situated below the ground level. The architecture of the houses is traditional persian, each bathhouse has its own style and features.

The most famous baths are:

Orbeliani bathhouse, also called Blue, is one of the most beautiful baths in Abanotubani.
Bathhouse №5 – the most traditional one, saved its name from the Soviet period.
Gulo’s baths is spacious and modern.
Royal bathhouse is on the central square of the cluster and is one of the most popular.
Queen’s sulfur bathhouse is unusual because it is not situated underground.
All the bathhouses have the private rooms with the baths. Except of having the sulphur bath, several services are proposed to the visitors – the scrubbing and the massage. The bathhouses vary according to the price but all of them offer a good standard of service.

Taking the sulfur bath is not only pleasant but also therapeutic. The mineral water has the therapeutic effect on the skin (for example, in case of acne, exema), the digestion and nerve systems.

The sulfur baths in Tbilisi it is a mixture of history, ancient architecture and relax