St. Mary Cathedral - Free Walking Tour - Tbilisi Hack
April 30, 2020

St. Mary Cathedral – One of the most beautiful temples in Tbilisi

History St. Mary Cathedral

Georgia is known for its millennia-old Christian traditions. But in the 12th century Catholic eparchy appeared in this Transcaucasian country as well. Despite the activity of missionaries, the first Catholic church was built here only in 1805. The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, as well as many religious buildings on the territory of the USSR, this one was closed in the 1930s. The Cathedral was re-consecrated in 1999 during the visit of Pope John Paul II to Tbilisi. The Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary in Tbilisi is located on one of the oldest streets of the capital.

Design one of the most beautiful temples in Tbilisi

The temple is built in an unusual style. Its architecture combines features of Romanesque churches of the beginning of the last millennium, Gothic details (long stained-glass windows and round window-rose) and elements of traditional Caucasian architecture: a steep gable roof and triangular gables on the walls. The sculpture of the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus in her arms occupies an honourable place in the composition of the facade. The sculpture above the entrance is surrounded by high windows with beautiful stained-glass. There is a bas-relief with biblical scenes on the cathedral gates. At the entrance very high ceilings and walls are immediately noticeable, niches in which are framed with golden pieces and painted with frescos at the altar. Above the prayer hall on long chains hang impressive double-decker chandeliers, which light in the evenings.

Useful information

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