Soviet sewing factory Fabrika - FREE WALKING TOUR - TBILISI HACK
November 3, 2020

Soviet sewing factory “Fabrika”

One of the most interesting and untypical tourist attractions in Tbillisi is a former Soviet sewing factory Fabrika. It was reconstructed in 2016 and transformed into a modern multi-functional space called “Fabrika”. This unusual place unites a modern hostel, stylish bars and restaurants, art studios and shops. The designers created a mixture of urban style with some soviet interior design details as, for example, colorful carpets.

A spaceful courtyard is a cultural center of Fabrika which attracts both tourists and locals. Its unique atmosphere allows guests to relax while drinking coffee or tasting local wine in one of the cosy caf├ęs. The visitors can also take part in different festivals, exhibitions and parties that are often organised there. It’s a favorite place of freelancers using a co-working space, families with kids who like playing in the courtyard, the young people meeting friends there in the evenings.

The studios and shops offer creative masterclasses for children and hand-made products which the travelers could buy as authentic Georgian souveniers.

Fabrika is located in the historical part of Tbilisi where the tourists can enjoy a special charm of the city as well as classical and medieval architecture. All this things you will see during our Alternative Tour.