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May 28, 2020

One Night Palace

 One Night Palace Georgia Free Walking Tour Tbilisi
One Night Palace Georgia Free Walking Tour Tbilisi

Exploring one of the best and most interesting cities in the world is a great entertainment that will bring only positive emotions and inspire you. Free tours will not only let you know the history of this beautiful city, but also its secret details that will attract attention. Free walks with a guide is a great opportunity to take a detailed look at the sights and feel the atmosphere and spirit of each legendary place in this unforgettable city. One of the most famous and interesting sights is the “One Night Palace”.

“One Night Palace” is one of the best showplaces in Tbilisi for curious tourists.

 “One Night Palace” stands on the small Kargareteli street, located in the vicinity of David Agmashenebeli Avenue. It is impossible to walk indifferently: sandwiched on all sides by modern two-story houses, the palace catches the eye with elegant grace. A very unusual love story is connected with this building, which could serve as a plot for creating a wonderful film.

Interesting story of the “One Night Palace”

 One Night Palace Georgia Free Walking Tour Tbilisi
One Night Palace Georgia Free Walking Tour Tbilisi

This wonderful building was erected over a hundred years ago by order of Prince Constantine Petrovich Oldenburg (1850-1906), the great grandson of Emperor Paul. The prince was a businessman, but at the same time romantic. Carrying out his business projects throughout the empire, he built amazing mini-palaces everywhere.

The history of the “One Night Palace” began from the moment when Prince Constantine Oldenburg arrived in Georgia and met Agrippina Japaridze at one of the balls. The prince immediately liked her, but the woman was married, and her husband was a well-known cutler and gambler. Constantine did not intend to retreat and set out to marry Agrippina at all costs. He even offered her husband a million rubles in gold for spending a night with his wife. Surprisingly, the husband agreed. It was rumored that the decision was influenced by his card debts.

The woman agreed to spend the night with prince in the palace, which will be built just for her, so Constantine immediately set to work on the construction, which lasted 1 year. During this time, young people fell in love and got married. This marriage deprived Constantine of the inheritance, but he was ready for anything for true love. For some time, they lived in Kutaisi, and then moved to Petersburg. They had six children and were happy.

Tbilisi is the brightest and colorful city of the Caucasus. And it is ancient and modern – no matter how strange this combination may seem. You should definitely take advantage of free walks with guides, visit the “One Night Palace” and discover the secrets of this beautiful city.