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April 29, 2020

Old Bakery Tbilisi

The Old Bakery Tbilisi Walking Tour
The Old Bakery Tbilisi Walking Tour

Fantastic yards and ancient buildings with beautiful entrances, impossible beautiful stairs, and majestic Temples, divine aroma of fresh bakery, rare frescoes, and mountains around the city it is all about Tbilisi. Tbilisi is always beautiful – early spring and hot summer, bright autumn, and magical winter.

It is a city of contrasts. Here on one street a quiet “Italian yard” and a modern store. But walking through the streets, breathing in the aroma of bread, you will want to return here more than once. These warm memories of picturesque Tbilisi will warm you for a long time.

It is difficult to list all the streets that are worth visiting. When you walk into an ordinary house, you can see incredibly forged spiral stairs. When you walk through the streets of the old town, you could see little bakeries that fill everything up.

 The Old Bakery Tbilisi Walking Tour
The bread that is baked in «tone»

The old bakery is located next to the Jvaris Mama church, on the corner of Kote Abkhazia street and Sioni street, entering from the same intersection where the tamada sits. In this secret old bakery, hidden from the eyes of tourists, you can enjoy the aroma and taste of bread, which is impossible to forget. The stone structure is attached to the building and hides behind tall trees. It is over a hundred years old, but they still make the best bread (puri) in Tbilisi. Out there, an unmarked door without a name tag is easy to miss and pass by. The process of baking is in the old way by ovens, which are called «tone». It’s like a stone well in the ground which is laid with clay brick, the fire burns on the bottom, and the bread is baked on the walls. The bread that is baked in «tone» has different shapes:  round, oblong with rounded corners – «dedas puri» (mother’s bread), diamond shape with elongated tips – shoti.

The bread «shoti» is easily baked, quickly cooled and remains fresh for several days thanks to the old recipe of preparation. It was «Shoti» that the Georgian warriors took with them in the campaigns.

The old bakery Tbilisi is one of those places that deeply convey the Georgian spirit, not just bread, here is the history of Georgia itself in the aroma of bread. Walk with us! Free Tbilisi Walking Tour!