April 29, 2020

Mother Georgia

The statue of Kartlis Grandfather  Georgia Free Walking Tour Tbilisi
The statue of Kartlis Grandfather Georgia Free Walking Tour Tbilisi

The statue of Kartlis Grandfather was installed in 1958 in honor of the 1500th anniversary of the city. The statue stands on the Sololaki ridge in the west of the city and is visible from afar.

Kartlis Deda stands on a stone base and is made of wood on the inside and aluminum on the outside. It belongs to the Georgian sculptor Elgudsha Amashukeli, who also created monuments to Vakhtang I. Gorgassali and Niko Pirosmani in Tiflis.

Soon after the declaration of independence of Georgia in 1991, the sculptor Elgudsha Amashukeli introduced changes. Mother of Georgia now proudly raised her humbly bowed head, and she crowned with a laurel.

The sword of the “Iron Lady”, looking down from the mountain range at Tbilisi, symbolizes the willingness to defend the fatherland; her circle hints at the well-known Georgian hospitality.

From the plateau of the statue you had a beautiful view of the city landscape, and on the other side of the ridge – a beautiful view of the botanical garden.

Mother Georgia Georgia Free Walking Tour Tbilisi
Mother Georgia Georgia Free Walking Tour Tbilisi

The 128 hectare Tbilisis Botanikuri Baghi (NBGG – National Botanical Garden of Georgia) is the largest botanical garden in the southern Caucasus and was once the largest in the Soviet Union. According to a travel guide, the botanical garden is home to around 3,500 species and varieties, including numerous endangered plants from the Caucasian flora. Around 700 of the plant species in this botanical garden come from Georgia and the southern Caucasus. Over 370 of these are on the Red List of Endangered Species and have been systematically collected since the 1970s. In 1861, the German botanist and landscape architect Scharrer became director of the Botanical Garden in Tbilisi. Scharrer had the botanical garden expanded from 1861 to 1869. From 1871 he had greenhouses built. In 1886 he established the Botanical Museum. To ensure the survival of plants, he set up the garden’s first seed catalog.

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