Marjanishvili metro - FREE WALKING TOUR - TBILISI HACK
November 4, 2020

Marjanishvili metro

There are many interesting cities in Georgia, but the most important is Tbilisi, the capital of the country. This city is full of ancient places with magic spirit and tourist sights, one of them is Marjanishvili metro. This station is one of the biggest and the most beautiful in Tbilisi. It is situated in historical region Dzveli and was opened on January 11, 1966. Also it entered to Akhmeteli-Varketilskaya line and has two gates nowadays. The metro station was named after the famous founder of the Georgian theatre, Konstantin Marjanishvili.

The project of station is typical for many platforms and consists of reinforced concrete parts. People from all over the world come to see magnificent decoration of the building. Coming inside you will be fond of beauty of the walls and arches, which  are decorated with marble of different colours. In the centre of the hall you will see the sculptural portrait of the famous theater and film director, Konstantin Marjanishvili.

The building looks especially beautiful in the evening, when many lights glow, giving magic and luxury to the station. Without any doubts, every visitor must get our Alternative Tour and see this great place and receive unforgettable impressions, which can hardly be overestimated.