October 31, 2020

Lutheran church

Georgia is a multinational country, which brings together people, belonging to different ethnic and language groups. For those people, who’d like to feel the spirit of social inclusion and mutual support, that people of different nationalities give each other, one of the most wanted places to visit – is the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tbilisi.n

In the XIX century, some amount of Lutheran Germans went to the old Tiflis (Tbilisi) to meet Millennialism near the Ararat mountain. They have no homes, no jobs, but little by little they built a settled. By the end of the century, they built st Peter and Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church. It was a prominent place for German migrants for nearly 50 years. But unfortunately, in the 1940s this church was destroyed by the Soviet government. Lutheranism in the Caucasus is almost disappeared for the long 50 years. 

By the end of the XX century, when Georgia became an independent country, German adherents of Lutheranism in Tbilisi built the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Georgia. 

Nowadays, the church takes an active part in the social life of the congregation. Besides Sunday’s service, it has its community with different religious activities for children, young and old people, nursing home, dining rooms for destitute people, and home care service. The church is located on Terenti Graneli str., 15, on the place of the old cemetery. Sure, the new building is different, but It’s certainly worth to take a Alternative tour to this place, at least because of an enigmatic history about its falling and rebirth.