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April 29, 2020

Freedom Square

The Georgia Free Walking Tour Tbilisi
The Georgia Free Walking Tour Tbilisi

Guided walks for free. Tbilisi.

Tbilisi is a wonderful city for tourists and hiking. Pleasant climate and incredible beauty of the architecture attract tourists from all over the world. Walking routes accompanied by a guide here are the most popular and favorite. And not in vain! Walking with a FREE guide, you can plunge into the atmosphere of the city and get to know the locals, learn about their traditions and customs first hand.

Freedom Square

The Freedom Square Georgia Free Walking Tour Tbilisi
The Freedom Square Georgia Free Walking Tour Tbilisi

One of the main attractions and the oldest places in the city, which remembers the many events that took place at different times, is Freedom Square in Tbilisi. This place has changed its name and area on the map many times, it is from here that you should begin your journey through the wonderful city. Here are all the most interesting sights of Tbilisi and the legendary Shota Rustaveli Avenue – the main artery of the city.
A free guided walking tour will be very helpful here. Only in this way you will be able to fully feel the whole atmosphere and history of this place.

Bit of history

Before receiving its first official name, this area, from the beginning of the XIX century, was called differently. For example, Drovyanoy, because here, on Sundays, there was a semi-official bazaar, where, among other things, they also traded firewood. Then, Headquarters, because here in the mid-1820s the first stone building was built. It was the headquarters of the Caucasian army. The building is in the style of late classicism, erected in 1824 – 1827 and in a slightly remodeled form is still preserved. After that, the name of the square changed many more times, and it has got its current name since 2006. People often gathered here for mass events, including during the Rose Revolution and the struggle for the independence of Georgia, which is why the square got this name.

Attractions nearby

Freedom Square is located in the central historical part of the city. In walking distance are:

  • Kura River Embankment
  • Peace Bridge
  • Rike park
  • Sioni Cathedral
  • National Museum of Georgia

Guided FREE walks Tbilisi is a unique opportunity to learn a lot of new and interesting things for free, enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the beautiful city.