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May 24, 2020

Church of St. Alexander Nevsky

Church of St. Alexander Nevsky Free Walking Tour Tbilisi
Church of St. Alexander Nevsky Free Walking Tour Tbilisi

      Sometimes the time change unexpectedly. Images of life change too. But the spirit of this city is like a rod to which events are carefully assigned. One day they are colorful and nice, but the next day – distressing and mourning. The spirit of Tbilisi is warm sacrificial love. Sometimes it is overshadowed by the grief and cruel mistakes, but resurrection every time after its repentance and coming back to God.

      Thinking about something, remembering and analyzing, you are walking through the centre of the city, from the metro up. Ancient reach buildings alternate with more contemporary constructions.

      There is russian temple of Holy Prince Aleksander Nevsky. It is one of many temples in Tbilisi.

      While you are walking from the gate to the temple, you can see getting past people. It’s amazing to know that every person can eat there for free money with no limits the whole day. You just enjoy, feeling your gratitude to God for his mercy, and also for the diligence of people who serve the church.

      Coming to the front door, you can see the nice icon of Holy Prince Aleksander Nevsky upon it. There is the big icon of God in the narthex. You start feeling like the lord is meeting you, watching you.

      There are a lot of icons further. They fill almost the whole space of the temple. They are all different in style, in size and in its figure. Holy Images isn’t too close to each other, but at the same time, there is not large distance between them, as well as in the Land of Light. There is the majestic icon of Prince Daniel of Moscow who was beloved by most of people. On the right pole you can notice the image «Everybody who is grieving in joy». And on the left pole it can be seen the icon of Saint Nicholas who looks very depressed and hopeless grieved.

      There go other honored miraculous icons of the Virgin and Child. They are both like in the mist. Near this icon is the breath taking Kazan image of the Virgin.

      There is the beautiful tomb of the former temple’s rector who was blessed for sainthood. He was a metropolitan Zinovy (Mazhuga). There is the big icon of Saint Seraphim Sarovsky, hanging upon it.

      There are graves out of the church. People come here every day. They often do it before their work to take the priest’s blessing.

      Everybody comes there. Adult and children, schoolchildren and students comes there from all over the world. There are a lot of miracles happen. Some people who come there say that the priest Vitaly comes to them in a dream, and to another part of people he came awake, offering his help. And these people have never heard about him before. And he helps… He helps a lot of people.